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KVA Analysis

Lower your electrical bill without reducing energy usage. KVA is power charge that has been nominated against your electricity meter. It estimates the maximum amount of power that a facility draws from National Power Grid during your peak demand.

It’s commonly considered that the only way to cut costs is to reduce usage. When it comes to KVA costs, however, this is not the case.

You will be charged for energy that you will never use if your KVA level is set too high; however, if your KVA level is set too low, you may be putting your wiring and electrical equipment under stress, as well as incurring additional charges. Because your network provider collects this information from the start, energy suppliers are not obligated to pass it on to their consumers (local power station).

At Renew & Sustain Ltd, we’ve seen businesses squander a lot of money on power factor correction penalties that they don’t need to, and corporate companies lose a lot more.

As part of our services Renew & Sustain Ltd can issue UK Business with a no obligation annual KVA analysis report to identify unfitting power charges that may be impacting your overall energy expenses.