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Our procurement team are highly qualified in their respective fields looking to ensure that each of our clients get the most competitive package. We work alongside a large portfolio of suppliers to ensure that we can meet every client’s needs ranging from industrial and corporate through to small and medium enterprises. We offer a range of purchasing options including flexible, fixed and pass through where we monitor the market to purchase at the right time based on usage patterns and volume.

Flexible Purchasing

Flexible energy purchasing best suits organisations consuming above 10GWh of power per annum and/or above 1 million therms of gas.

Our Risk Management team work with you to understand your goals then develop and implement a bespoke trading stratergy. We’ll seek to optimise price via our award-winning trading team and provide you with reports on our trading performance and cost forecasting, keeping you informed and in control.

Fixed Purchasing

A fixed contract offers complete price certainty and can guarantee your budget for up to 5 years. Fixed price contracts are open to all businesses but best suit smaller sized consumers where energy makes up a smaller proportion of their costs. Our team of market experts constantly monitor the energy market and look to fix costs at the right time to meet your business demands.

What do we need to get started?

  • Your site list
  • 12 months of half hourly consumption data
  • A recent copy of your gas, electricity and water bill
  • Any estimates on planned changes effecting consumption
  • Signed letter of authority.